♦♦♦Why Buy My Soap? ♦♦♦

My detergent free glycerin soap is uberbubbly! I use only the finest ingredients. There are no harsh detergents such as sodium laureth sulfate. My fragrance oils do not contain phthalates or preservatives. My soaps are tolerated by the most sensitive skin types. I hand make all my products responsibly.

Choose Beach City Boutique when you want the very best quality product and thank you for buying my handmade soap!

My products are made by me in my studio. I ship from a smoke-free, pet friendly environment.

Please note that some colors may stain light colored wash cloths. Red and black can be problematic. I am not responsible for any damages to your towels and wash cloths. 

Hot weather warning - please do not leave your soap in a hot car. Soap can melt if left in a hot car or in direct sun. The soaps that are shrink wrapped will sweat if left in direct sun.

Please evaluate scent after you have removed your soap from the shrink wrap.

Allergens: Please read all the descriptions in my products. If you are allergic to any ingredients please be advised there is always a potential for cross-contamination. I clean my work space to minimize the risk and keep my tools separated for soaps of animal origin and those that are vegan. Please contact me about any concerns.


Planned Closures:

Week of Thanksgiving
Dec 1 - January 10, 2022
Weekends, Holidays, Heat Waves