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Exquisite Lily of the Valley Decoration Soap – Perfect for Bathroom Decor or Women's Gift!

Beach City Boutique

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Indulge in the delicate charm of our handcrafted Lily of the Valley Decoration Soap. Specially designed to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor or to delight someone special on Women's Day, this soap is a true ode to beauty and sophistication.

Product Details:

Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the refreshing scent of Lily of the Valley, reminiscent of a tranquil garden in full bloom.

Design: Each soap is meticulously crafted with care, featuring intricate details of delicate Lily of the Valley flowers, adding a delightful visual appeal to any space.

Size: Approximately 3 x 0.75 x 0.25 to 05 inches, perfect for display.

Weight: 2.5 oz per 10 pieces, approximately